What’s your style? Also: Golden age wardrobe goals.

The benefit of being a knitwear designer, an indie dyer and a sewist, is that I can create my own wardrobe full of items reflecting my style. This is something that I have decided to really take to heart now that I am a solo entreprenour, and no longer have to obey to dress codes or what I am expected to wear. In short: from now on I shall wear what I bloody well like.

This led me to thinking about what my style really IS. And I came to realize that I seem to have five different styles, that sometimes intersect with each other:

Clean cut.
I like clean cut, long lines, and garments that are preferably single colored. This is a style that is also easy to add accessories to, if you want to pimp it up a bit (I am very likely to do just that).

Because comfort and always practical. Do I need to say more? But let me just make one remark: Guys commenting on women putting on sportswear when obviously not training or on their way to the gym should just shut their trap. Walk a mile in female-clothing-ville before you speak, dude. Comfortable ready-to-wear is pretty much non-existing outside of sportswear. We will wear anything we damn well like, and if you don’t – then look at something else.

50ies- & 60ies-outfits.
OMG, the amounts of fun stuff there was in these decades! Granted, the quality could be a bit so and so, but grab yourself a modernized pattern inspired by that period in time, like Gertie’s Charm Patterns, and buy some modern, high quality fabrics, and you will make yourself something absolutely amazing, no doubt.

I also like to match this very feminine style with something rough, like i.e. boots instead of heels, and also mixing different qualities, like silk and lace with leather or jeans.

Because I am a bohemian spirit at heart, and I simply adore the layers, the breaking of the rules, and the colors. This is so me.

Because…knitwear. It is the best thing ever.

There it is, the base of my style, and from now on I am free to indulge myself with all of them. And I will. And speaking of mixing and matching, I saw this absolutely marvellous article on outfits worn by people in the golden age of their lives. Now, these are some true wardrobe goals!:

All pictures borrowed from the article ’26 stylish seniors’ , a series of photographies taken by photographer Ari Seth Cohen, which is available HERE. The article contains even more pictures. And even more amazing photos can be found on https://www.advanced.style/

So, what is your style?

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