The meaning of life +4.

Hello people! I hope you are having a wonderful week, doing all the crafts your heart may desire. And reading! Are any of you enjoying reading as much as I do? Then you might just get the reference in the title of this blog (come to think of it, I haven’t read that book in ages now…definitely time for a re-read!), about the meaning of life being the number 42. And as we all know, 42+4=46, which is exactly how many years I turned yesterday. Wohoo! Another level up! 😀

So, yesterday was my actual birthday, and even though I did not celebrate it per se, it was still an absolutely marvellous day. It actually started being marvellous the day prior to my birthday, when a magazine showed up in my mailbox:

The Knitter Magazine.

I, or rather my yarn, is featured in this magazine, so it was with great anticipation that I had a quick look-through of it. And then I found them. And on the page next to the feature, I found Kaffe Fassett. OMG. Kaffe Fassett has been a MAJOR influence on me as a knitter since the 1980ies, and it was so much fun to find that my yarns were featured on the page next to the Kaffe Fassett design. And another fun thing was that the Kaffe Fassett design consisted of different sizes of diamonds, which is the very same pattern I am using for a basic sock pattern I am making, and that I started just a couple of days prior to the magazine arriving. It was like a the-starts-have-aligned-kinda moment to me, even though it is just a funny coincidence. I enjoyed it, and my inner 14-year old may have squealed a bit when I realized all of this (ahum…). 😉

My blue yarn, the Kaffe Fassett design, and the socks I am currently designing. <3

As for yesterday, my plan was to clean the garage. That was actually the plan for the entire week (cleaning at a slow and steady pace, in between other things), as it was full of stuff, and I wanted to get the car in the garage by Friday this week, when the weather forecast threatened with temperatures between – 12-18 degrees Celsius. I do not want to risk my car battery freezing, so I started cleaning out all the mess in the garage on Monday. Only to realise that it was to be quite cold at night between Tuesday and Wednesday already. There was nothing else to do, but to spend my birthday cleaning out the garage.

It wasn’t as bad as one might think. Even though my garage was full of stuff going to recycling, upcycling projects etc, and it looked like a bomb had gone off, I do run a fairly organized disorganized garage, so to speak. I was done before 3pm in the afternoon, and I had had plenty of breaks for coffee, knitting, foods and trying to keep up with all the birthday wished that kept coming all day. In fact, I still had energy over afterwards to handle one of the counters in the kitchen, that has become something of a disaster area. You know, the kind where random stuff just piles up.

It felt really good to get both those things in order, to have my car safely inside the warmth of the garage, and to have the rest of the afternoon to knit and do other stuff.

I did indulge in a new cast on, because you are totally allowed to cast on something new on your birthday, right? Right. So I cast on a hat from one the Knitcrates I’ve gotten, with the yarn Uru.Yarn Sugared Worsted in the colorway ’Wolves’, and the pattern by Sandi Rosner. It was a really fun knit, and I finished the hat today.

’Twinkle hat’.
I am trying to decide whether to put a pompom on it…

In the Knitcrate there were also patterns for matching fingerless mittens and a cowl, and I really want to make those as well. I received 2 skeins in the crate, and had quite a lot left of the first one after making the hat, so I am hoping it will be enough for both mittens and a cowl as well.

I also did a few rows on the Ixchel yesterday, but progress is a bit slower right now, as there are A LOT of floats in the last pattern section, and it takes quite a lot of time to detangle the yarns every now and then. Also, I am wondering if this pattern really has been knit in all the sizes, because there are a few oddities. Like the pattern report on the last section demanding a 4-stitch increase all over to make sure the pattern report adds up. But the thing is that it won’t add up with the previous report, which does make it look a bit like I had one too many glasses of wine while knitting that part. On the other hand, it is a busy pattern in general, so I am taking my chances, hoping you won’t be able to tell too much. And it IS a gorgeous pattern, either way. Right now I am 21 rows away from finishing the last pattern section on the body, and the point where I have decided to take a break on the body to continue with the sleeves, so that when the sleeves are done, I know exactly how much yarn I have left for the remainder of the body. I am hoping to be able to lengthen it a bit.

Something else that happened yesterday was that the decision to participate at the Sewing & Crafts Festival in Stockholm in February. I hadn’t quite decided if I was going to go, but it was finalized yesterday that I will. It is smaller than the one in October, but I am hoping for a good turn out. It also feels good to have already done one of those, so preparations for it will be so much easier this time.

This week’s shop update will be a smaller one, since I focused on cleaning the garage yesterday, and Monday to a large extent disappeared on other urgent matters, but there will be a few things in the shop this Friday. And I really look forward to filming the podcast on Saturday! It is so much more fun this time around, and I have better knowledge now of how to do things, and what I need to learn and get better at. I hope that my channel will grow both contentwise and skillswise, and that, hopefully, people will find it fun and entertaining enough to want to stop by every now and then. Perhaps even subscribe to it, if I’m lucky ( = skillful enough). 🙂

For now, today, I am going to be putting some effort into a few administrative things. It is just past 3pm in the afternoon, and it is starting to get dark outside. The snow has been falling since lunchtime, after I woke up to a fabolous sunrise this morning.

Gorgeous sunrise this morning.
Hard to tell on this picture, but it is snowing quite a lot.

It is a good day for creative work indoors. And I need to choose some yarn for a couple of new designs coming this year, I need to make a couple of reservations for the Sewing & Crafts Festival in February, and I need to decide which designs to focus on designing between now and then. All the funs! 😀

I hope the rest of your week will be all the funs too, and I’ll see you again soon!

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