I am SO happy it is Friday night. The past week was something for the books for sure, and I look forward to a weekend of rest and recuperation. I think, in fact, I shall indulge myself to a weekend of mainly sewing. Not only am I craving some sewing, I am also in dire need of making a dent in the piles of ongoing and upcoming projects, not to mention all the things that I intend to repair. I will of course also do another podcast to be published on Sunday, and I should probably do a bit of house cleaning as well, but aside from that, I think I shall be dating my sewing machines first and foremost.

Now, I just thought I’d pop in and let those of you not following me on Instagram or Facebook know that I have added a few skeins of ’Baby, light my fire’ (NEW!) and ’Ice Palace’ (NEW!) on Bluefaced Leicester to the webshop tonight, in case you would like to check that out.

’Baby, light my fire’ on Bluefaced Leicester DK.
’Ice Palace’ on Bluefaced Leicester DK.

I am also thinking about adding the colors I dyed for my Ixchel sweater to the webshop later on. I am very happy with how that project is turning out, and really like the colors. And tonight I could finally try it on for the first time! I have finished all the patterns on the body, and will be taking a break from that while knitting the sleeves. And once the sleeves are done and I know how much yarn I have left, I will decide on how long to make the body of the sweater. I am beyond excited to wear it!

Current status for my Ixchel. Love, love, love.

Ah, the joy! I am also looking forward to the project following this one, which I will get back to you on at a later date. Now, for the rest of the night, I shall be knitting on some smaller projects, such as socks and mittens, while trying to determine which sewing project to tackle first tomorrow (I already know, to be honest…it’s that winter coat my youngest son wanted to have…).

Anyway, have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to stop by my YouTube channel on Sunday, for the latest podcast. You can find it here.


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