Random Wednesday

  • Yes, I know my ssl-certificate is outdated and that my blog reports back to you as not safe. It is though, you do not need your credit card or any other information on here, and I have ordered a renewal. It should be active within the next 24 hours.
  • I have been working on the ’Tropical socks’ today. It is a beautiful, but tedious knit.
    ’Tropical socks’, take 2.


  • I finished no less than three patterns yesterday – the ’Easy chunky cowl’, which is a free download, and the ’Stockholm hat’ and the ’Cupcake hat’. Yeay! The ’Cupcake hat’ has not been released yet, but I will probably do so tomorrow.
’Easy chunky cowl’, a FREE download pattern.


’Stockholm hat’


’Cupcake hat’


  • I have fallen madly in love with the ’Bedford Basic Pullover’ by Clinton Hill Cashmere. I want it in the colorway ’Espresso’, and a size medium runs up to a whopping $552, not including shipping and all these crazy postage fees we have these days on stuff bought outside of the European Union. Still, it goes straight to my wish list. I must have it. Some day. Also, I am totally going to get some of that yarn to design something of my own. Eventually.
’Bedford Basic Pullover’ by Clinton Hill Cashmere.
  • I was unpleasant to someone today, but they deserved it.
  • My 13-yr old wants to go to Brazil. Due to budget restraint, I told him I the furthest I could stretch on the matter would be to pay for a Brazilian wax för him. He was not amused. I laughed so hard I cried. I confess, I sometimes have the sense of humour of an 8-yr old.
  • Yesterday was a very efficient day. Today was not. Annoying.
  • I applied for a job today, one that was really good, in physical security/communications, and accidentally sent it via my AniLove Design-email instead of my private one. Almost sent an additional email making excuses, but decided to just roll with it.
  • Posted the first video today on my ’Becoming a digital nomad’-ambition. Filmed it a few days ago, and watched it again today, and got all excited all over again.

  • I have been thinking a lot about that time I applied for a job in Antarktis lately. I did not get it, but a part of me wants to apply for it again. Even if penguins are real stinkers (or so I’ve heard).
  • Am also longing for boat life and book writing in the Caribbean seas. Some day…
  • Decided to write a no sugar cookbook today, that would have all these recipes for stuff you would really miss if you give up sugar. I want to find ways to produce the same flavours without sugar, thus making it easier for people to attempt a no sugar lifestyle. This means I am now actively working on about 7 different books, none of which I seem to be able to find the time for actually work on. I need to clone myself.
  • I was planning on cutting a lot of fabrics today, but never got around to it.
  • Will cut fabric tomorrow. and hopefully also be able to locate missing pattern for pants I’ve been wanting to make since forever, and for which I have all the things already at home, and am ready to make.
  • I am now just adding more points to this post in order to avoid getting back to the ’Tropical socks’, which I don’t want to work on anymore today. Also am very tired. Did however promise myself I would finish the entire first pattern report before calling it a day.
  • Right…those socks. I’ll see you guys Sunday!

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