Random Thursday

2018 has to be the most eventful, upside-down, crazy year this far in my life. It is at least one of the top 10 for sure. The past week has been no exception to that. So much so even, that it is hard to put it all in words. Finding time to blog has also been an issue. So, let’s just do a random Thursday to catch you all up, yes? 🙂

I realized that my favorite fabric supplier released a new winter themed fabric, and I instantly fell in love. I ordered a roll of it (13m), and will be making both curtains of it for my Palace, and possibly even project bags, if possible (it is a very big pattern, possibly too big. We’ll see.) <3
I decided I needed to knit a pair of simple socks (as in I did not even attempt to design my own pattern) for the November socks. They flew off the needles, and are actually done now.
I found a new kind of saffron bun, which of course had to be tested. The test panel is positive towards this new bun, but feel that we may have sample it many more times before giving a final verdict (ehum…). 😉
I bought my first poinsetta of the season. I absolutely love these, and it isn’t quite Christmas unless I have a bunch of them.
I have been trying to buy a market booth for the outdoors Christmas fairs I am planning on attending, but getting a response from either of the few companies making them has turned out nearly impossible. Given that they also were ridiculusly expensive and not that pretty to look at, I decided I would simply make my own. So, on Tuesday I went shopping for materials and yesterday night (Wednesday), I started working on it.
Tonight (Thursday), this is what it looks like. Simple, naked, but functional. Some fabric for the roof and front, some decorations and perhaps a few lights, and all my products, and I think it will look smashing. 😀
I tossed over a tarp to make sure the roof fabric wouldn’t come down too far, which it won’t. I’m very happy about how this is turning out! And the best thing? That entire construction can be taken apart to a flat Ikea-like package. Total assembly time, tables and all: Just under 20 minutes.
I realized I won’t have time to bake for the Christmas fair this weekend, but instead I found these adorable, tiny candy canes that I will sneak into my customers bags when they aren’t looking, as a little surprise for when they get home.
Winter is coming. So I decided it was high time to give this project a little love again – my knitted tights, which I started about a year ago, but that I have only knitted on while at the movies. Not sure what the last movie was, but it must have been an exciting one, given that I had to start again by tinking back a couple of rows… 😉 Anyway, I probably won’t finish these until the spring or so, but whatever. Winter will come again, and as much fun as I am having with this market and fair thing, I will probably be doing a lot of it in the future as well. 🙂
And speaking of markets and fairs – I have added another one for December 8 and 9. Fun! (Sorry, I know the poster is in Swedish).

So, that’s a few tidbits of my week. I have also been dyeing yarn (as always), attempting to find time to work on my next book (didn’t happen), and I’ve been listening to the latest Backstreet Boys’ single; Chances. I’m telling you, I get goosebumps when AJ McLean starts singing. That voice! I absolutely love it.

Well, that’s it for now. I need to dye some more yarn before bed, and I will try to sneak in a small shop update tomorrow night. And tomorrow I will also tell you why I won’t be doing Black Friday. See you then! 🙂

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