Pure panic

That feeling. When you have requested a service removed that you will not be using, and the host of your domains PARKS your entire domain, thus disabling everything from your webpage to the blog, and only two days before the first feature in a knitting magazine in Great Britain. Everything. Gone. That feeling.

I had about three simultaneous heart attacks when I realized what they had done. Luckily they could fix it and get everything back, but geeeeez…I still feel like I need to lie down on the floor with a cold cloth on my forehead. I didn’t. Instead I indulged in sappy Christmas movies on Netflix and some comfort knitting, which I can not show you, as it is a Christmas gift.

And when things felt better, I got back to working on the webshop, and making sure I had everything set on the security side of things, such as the settings for credit card payments, ssl certificates and what not. From the looks of it, I will be able to launch the new webshop within the next 48 hours – yeay! 😀

Now, some late night yarn dyeing, another sappy Christmas movie and some more comfort knitting. It is Monday, friends, and it sure has been a Monday both to remember and forget. Let’s hope for a slightly less dramatic Tuesday, right? 😀

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