My dreams and plans

Today I have spent quite a lot of time talking to a very special friend of mine. This is someone that has been through a lot, but that is now out on the other side of hardships, and the relief and happiness he is expressing is contagious for sure. I find myself feeling happier than I have been in a long time, just talking to him.

One of the things we have been talking about today is hopes and dreams for the future, and I shared some of my dreams. And since it is very closely linked to my creative sides also, I thought I would share it with you as well. So here goes:

My big dream is to travel all over the world, experiencing different countries and cultures, learning about new things, find even more inspiration, and meeting people from all over. I do not want to do this in a holiday type of setting though. My dream is to live like that full time, AND to be able to conduct business while I travel. As you already know, I am a knitwear designer, an indie yarn dyer, a sewist, a Youtuber, and a writer. Okay, that last part I possibly haven’t spoken much about, but I can get back to that in a later blog post if you are interested. But those are the things that take up the majority of my time. All of them are possible to do while traveling, depending on how you travel. Being a yarn dyer, I do of course need to have some amount of yarn with me at all times, which means living as a backpacker is probably not going to work very well. 😉 But since my dream for many years also has been to build my own home in a bus, there is a solution to that as well. So, the problem I would need to solve is the water and the drying. Water can also be solved, because there are absolutely ways to minimize the amount of water needed for yarn dyeing, and to clean the water you have used from remaining dye particles so that you can use it again. So, I need to figure out how to dry yarn on a bus, since I won’t always be able to dry it outdoors, depending on the weather conditions. But at the same time, since I am planning on having a real wood stove as well, I will probably only need something to catch the moist when the yarn is drying – and if I can also catch that water from the air, I will be able to reuse that to dye again as well. So, in theory, it should be possible to build a yarn dyeing, environmentally friendly, mobile eco system for that. Which makes it even more interesting to try to do – I love a good challenge! 😀

Drying hand dyed yarn.

Of course, designing knitwear and writing books is no problem while living like that, and sewing only requires a bit of thought while building the bus, so that it is possible to create a larger, flat surface for cutting fabric and sewing, when needed. Power for the sewing machines can be solved in a multitude of ways, and is no issue at all today. So the only remaining issue is internet and finding ways to upload videos, since I am also a Youtuber. However, a bit of planning will solve that as well. Free wifi is not that hard to come by anymore, technology on mobile internet is getting better and better (we just need to get past those stupid GB-limits they keep having on that), and co-working spaces rented by the hour is now a reality in most major cities around the world.

So, all in all, the opportunities for me to fulfill my dream is getting better and better. And I REALLY want to do that. Imagine being able to have a pop-up-shop in any and all places of Europe? Okay, I will need to have local permissions and follow local legislation, but in theory I think it could be doable. Or imagine putting up a post on Instagram saying ”I’m in Slovenia on Friday and staying for a couple of weeks – anyone want to stop by the bus for a knit night?” And imagine having the opportunity to visit local makers and yarn shops and fabric retailers … OMG. That would be SO awesome! Perhaps even having the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills by locals – that would be absolutely amazing. I mean, have you seen the fantastic crafts we have in different countries?? It is mind blowing, and having the opportunity to learn more about it, and hopefully even be allowed to share it in stories and short films would be fantastic.

Idrija lace from Slovenia. How amazing is that?? 😀

I also want to travel for other reasons. I am an introvert, and I love having periods of time in which I am hidden away in the middle of no-where, charging my batteries. Going for hikes in one, two or three weeks at a time, just being out in nature. Sleeping in a tent, having time to contemplate, to read (I really need to get a Kindle so that I can carry enough literature to last me for three weeks), and spending entire days photographing the things I am surrounded by. And just enjoying the incredible silence. Experiencing starry nights, having rainy days where you stay in the tent reading all day, and maybe do some fishing and pick a few berries when the skies clear up again. Or just to park the bus in the mountains way up north, waiting for nightfall and then spending several nights photographing the northern lights, and the next week head to Belgium to visit the European parliament and have the worlds best fries at Maison Antoine, and then maybe head to Spain to learn windsurfing at Victor Fernandez place. And perhaps also stopping at Disneyland Paris before going to Spain, because I never get to old for those kinds of things (also, they have now opened the Star Wars attractions, that they were still building the last time I was there). And I would also love to visit the Louvre again (I still can’t get over how small the Mona Lisa is in real life…), and then go all the way to the top of the Eiffel tower once more (I can actually brag about having worked at the top of the Eiffel tower, as can my eldest son. We both had to attend to some work matters the last time we were there, and I gotta tell you – the internet reception was amazing. 😉 )

Maison Antoine. I gotta tell you, those fries are truly amazing. Totally worth a road trip through Europe for! 😀

These are the things I dream of. And I also dream of having a catamaran and sailing the Caribbean seas, and then all the way up to Alaska, and then back down again, discovering a whole new continent and the cultures and crafts there. That is also my dream, and ideally I would like to do both the bus and the boat, and just shift between them when I felt like it. I would much rather have that, than a house of my own. Especially if I can find a way to carry the yarn dyeing business with me in both cases. But I think I can. You just need to be smart about it, and make sure you don’t hurt the environment. And as for driving a bus here and there all across Europe and maybe even further, my understanding is that it actually has less impact on the environment than choosing to live in a house. If I did both though, having both a house and a bus that I travel a lot with, my negative environmental impact would be far larger than it should be. I think that is correct, but don’t quote me on it, I shall have to check up on that to make sure that is a fact.

This is the catamaran La Vagabonde, owned by Riley and Elayna from Australia. I would love to have the same type of boat some day…
If you haven’t checked out the Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel, you really should. You can find it HERE.

There you go. That is my dream. A full time digital nomad, mobile indie yarn dyer/yarn shop, a traveling Youtuber and writer, and a designer with the opportunity to find inspiration by experience as well as by visual aids. A free spirit, living a small life, bringing big stories and experiences to those who would like to share them with me. That is my dream and my long term vision of what I want to do. What is yours?

My dream.


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