Long time, no see

Hi there! Thought I had forgotten about you, did you? But no, not at all. It has just been a rough year on a personal level, but spring and summer has done a lot to fix things here on my end. And even though my activity has been… well, there hasn’t been any activity in the blog since March, now has it, but I have never the less been working on a lot of different things. For one, the tropical socks, eventually named ’Caribbean dreams’ have been finished and the pattern has been published. Yeay! You’ll find the link to the webshop on top of this page.

I also finished and published the pattern for the ’Shine on you crazy diamond’-socks:

After that I went on to design some cute, knitted rabbits, a pattern which I have not yet had the time to publish, but that is the next one up and that should be out before long.

The Apple Rescue Operation took place after one of the small branches on one of my apple trees simply fell off, due to the apples on it being som heavy.

I also finally finished my Viper pilots socks by Genna C – wohoo! This pair had been in my project bag for months. Not because of the pattern (love the pattern!), but because I decided to combine the yarn I had with a silver thread that was a genuine pain in the behind to work with. But I finally got my act together and powered through the project. And I will for sure make that pattern again – but without the silver thread, mind you. 😛

I also finished a Knitcrate project; the Twinkle hat, fingerless mitts and cowl. I adapted the cowl slightly to accomodate for the amount of yarn I have left, and would definitely buy more of that yarn if given the opportunity. I believe it was called Uru.Yarns Sugared Worsted, which was a Knitcrate exclusive yarn. It was one of the most amazing yarns I have ever worked with. <3

And then I won this amazing prize. I had been part of the Grocery Girls’ all year sock-along (I don’t remember exactly what they called it), and I attempted to design a new pair each month, in addition to the theme they had chosen – and what do you know – I was one of the winners for the whole year! 😀 😀 😀 They sent me this amazing package with three skeins of yarn from Fiber for the people, and a gorgeous project bag from Pearadise Island. I think it was a limited edition bag, in fact.

I finally also made that pencil skirt I’ve been wanting, and it was also the last project I was able to make on my old sewing machines before I had to retire both of them. I also have yarns ready for a small shawl or perhaps a cowl that will go with the skirt. This was completely unintentional, I just happened to discover that the golden yarn I had left over from the Ixchel sweater was a great match for the pencil skirt.

The pattern comes from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing, and the fabric is Chaffinch Bough Scuba in the color ’Old Gold’ (currently on sale!) from Fabric Godmother.

As it happens, that pencil skirt also goes very nicely with my blue Weekender… 🙂

I knit a quick one skein shawl, the Wild at heart by Meghan Macko, using a skein from a Knitcrate.

I also knit a pair of short socks in some of the very first yarn I ever dyed. I called the yarn ’Ripe Banana’ and the socks are of course thereby known as my banana-socks. 😛

I grabbed some more of my early-days-as-yarn-dyer-yarns, and cast on the Zweig, which had been on my list since forever.

I finally got around to finishing the So Cosy tights, so I am now ready for winter.

I also made a pair of Grumpybum monster longies for the granddaughter of a dear friend of mine. The child is a bit older and bigger than the pattern accomodates for, so I hacked it ever so slightly to make a larger size.

I then proceeded to knit my self a long sweater/sweater dress from more of the sport weight yarns that I had used for the Grumpybum pants, and of which I seem to have an unlimited supply in my stash.

I added some more rows and sections to the infinity scarf that is currently living up to its name in every possible sense, but that I am determined to have finished by next spring/summer.

My Weekender then got a friend in a new color, so I now have one in Dk weight BFL ’Still got the blues’ and one in ’Unapologetic’.

I made some new earrings and added to the webshop.

I made the As If Tee by Shay Johnson, and absolutely love the design of it. Will be making more of that one as well.

And then I made a quick top in chunky merino, because why not. 🙂

I started a design that I am ridiculously excited and happy about. The first version is off the needles, and the second one is coming along nicely. The pattern has darts here, there and everywhere, and my goal is to make a garment that can fit as many sizes as possible. 😀

There is a leafy lace pattern that runs down the entire sleeve. I love leaves, have I told you that?

The first one is made in my own fingering weight MCN ’Unapologetic’, which is one of my favorite colors, and I am now test knitting a second one, in the colorway ’Autumn leaves’, another one of my favorites.

Well, there are more projects happening currently, but I think it is high time to finish up this post. It has been a productive spring and summer, and I will continue even more on the designer path during autumn and winter. I’m not sure whether I’ll make time to dye yarn, or how much, as I have a few other projects happening as well (books etc), but I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and by the way – I’m back to doing knitting podcasts on YouTube! The latest episode was posted last Friday, ironically it was episode 13 and was posted on Friday the 13th, which was an absolute coinsidence. I didn’t realize it until I was uploading the finished video and scheduling its online date. Anyway, here it is:

I hope you all had a nice summer, and that your Ravelry queues are stuffed with fun projects that you are planning on making this fall and winter. <3

PS. I haven’t gotten around to making that dragon yet, but it is on my To Do-list.

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