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I have been somewhat invisible the past few days, and I apologize. It has been the kind of week that has required a lot of mental capacity and attention, and I wasn’t able to stretch my energy far enough to cover everything I needed to, especially during the past couple of days. I have of course still been working on different projects, which you will get a few glimpses of here in the blog, and a more thorough update on in the podcast/vlog on Sunday. 🙂

Speaking of the Youtube channel and of having weeks that requires a lot of you as a human being – I am considering adding in other things as well on my channel, aside from the strictly creative stuff. More than a year and a half ago I did start a series of…let’s call it episodes, on the subject of getting fit. Not specifically on loosing weight, even though I do need that also, but more a follow-along as I work towards getting a better, healthier life, including nutrition, excersise, weight loss, fitness and all those aspects. I am thinking about opening up those episodes again (they are listed as private now), and continue working on making more episodes with that angle as well, separate from the creative podcasts, but on the same channel. Would that be a completely impossible combo, alongside the creative sides of my life? Let me know what you think.

I am also considering doing a few bonus episodes on the topic of mental health, which in my case would probably be centered mainly around surviving life as a single parent to teenagers, and how to live with and alongside young people battling depression and anxiety. Not sure if that would fit though…what do you think? All these things take up significant amounts of time and energy for me, and some of these things are matters you rarely see discussed publically. And I am thinking maybe it is time we do just that.

Anyway. I am guessing you have by now started to paint a general picture of which things I need to handle, and why I have been somewhat invisible the past couple of days. But there was also this horrible thing happening not far from me, on Wednesday night, in which a soon-to-be divorced father killed his young boys, aged 5 and 7, before killing himself. He had apparantly been planning it for some time, and after having killed his sons, he went live on Facebook for a few minutes, stating that he had already killed his sons, and that he blamed his ex-wife for this, and that he would kill himself next. And a few minutes later, he did (this part was not streamed online though, thankfully). This really got to me, on so many levels. I feel a need to talk about it and the thoughts I have on the matter, albeit not here and not now. But maybe there will be an episode on that as well on the Youtube channel in the future. And this was also a part of the reason I have been so silent lately. It got to me. In so many ways. It was close to home on very, many levels.

Something I did start this past week was to write a story, which perhaps will be a book some day in the future, on the topic of living with people suffering from depression and anxiety. It is a hard topic to write about when it is on a personal level, and you feel so incredibly guilty for doing it, because a large part of being the person living next to someone with these conditions is the requirement of keeping quiet about it. The person suffering from it does not want you to discuss them with other people, which means you are carrying a double burden. For now, I am writing only for myself, just pushing the decision on whether to publish it or not in the future, into that future. And at least I am writing a bit again, which I have found hard to do on my other projects. Probably because I have trouble finding the right head space for it.

Enough with the seriousness. Let’s talk about creative things instead! 😀

First of all – I will not be doing a shop update today, Mainly because that’s another thing I haven’t been able to pull off this week. I did not dye any yarn, and I did not make anything for the store. But there are quite a few things in there anyway, so feel free to click the link above, and head on over there! (Also, I need to increase the cash flow over here right now. So if you have considered getting something, now would be a good time…for me, anyway.) I am also thinking about not doing scheduled shop updates, and instead just add in stuff as they come to be, and just post updates on Instagram for when that happens. I think it would be very helpful timewise for me, and easier as I do not have the opportunity to schedule updates in the shop, but have to do it manually (otherwise, Big Commerce, who are behind my shop solution, is awesome). If you have any thoughts on that as well, let me know, okay? 🙂

Want to see some pictures of what I have been doing this week? Of course you do. Okay, here goes:

I finally got started for real on the winter jacket my 13-yr old wants.
…and this is basically the picture I am working from. He wants a coat that looks like a panda. Hello challenge!
The majority of the main pieces have been cut. I am hoping to get a lot done on this project this weekend.
I finally allowed myself to wear the Exploration station I made last year! Incredibly warm and soft, it is.
I have knit unsuspected amounts on this project – the knitted tights I have been keeping as my main movie theater knit for the past year or so. But this week I have been needing those mindless knits more than usual, for obvious reasons.
This is probably what I am most proud of this week. I finally finished the design for the Stockholm hat! I started this project at least two years ago, if not more, and kind of got stuck once I had done the brim. But now the pattern has been made, and it just needs a blocking (happening as we speak), some good photos and actually writing down the pattern properly.
I am also quite happy with how the decreases turned out. 🙂
I did of course do some work on the Ixchel as well, and I was hoping to have the first sleeve finished before I record the next podcast. Fingers crossed! 🙂

I did also do a little bit of work on the new sock pattern, and am onto the heel flap now. I did however not take any pictures of that just yet. I have also started a new, revised pair of the tropical socks pattern I showed in last weeks podcast, which was the second of the two ongoing projects I decided to pull myself together and get off the needles (the Stockholm hat pattern was the other one). I did however just cast on for those socks about an hour ago, and have only knitted a few rows of ribbing this far, so there is really not much to show at this point.

Let’s see, what else… Well, I did get a few packages in the mail this week, which was nice. My sister, whom got unexpectedly ill and had to go to hospital for a few days this week (that is another one of those things that has kept me preoccupied this week), had sent me a belated birthday gift I had completely forgotten about. It was some high quality wash cloths, a humorous book in Norwegian (my native tongue) and no less than FOUR of my favorite Norwegian chocolates. 😀 Yeay! It was an awesome surprise for sure, and much needed this week.

Birthday gift! 😀

I also received a couple of make up and hair dye items that I had ordered, and today, my Knitcrate arrived. It was unexpected, I didn’t think it would arrive until next week the earliest. And the yarn this time was Vidala Ambient Worsted in the colorway ’Whiskey’, which gave me a nice autumn vibe. I think I shall save it for then, and make myself some nice accessoir for the autumn.

Oh, I also did some cleaning upstairs this week, getting rid of a couple of those moving boxes one always get, that are filled with random stuff you have no idea what to do with, and that inevidently just gets put away and never really unpacked. Mine contained everything from important books (to me), to sewing patterns and photos. And one of those photos was from the trip me and the kids took to Disneyland Paris almost 3 years ago. So much fun to find it, and I remember being quite happy when they took the picture. It is from the Planet Hollywood restaurant, and I do believe it is the only existing picture with me and all three kids together.

Planet Hollywood, Disneyland Paris.

I think I mentioned in a blog post some time ago that I used to have really long hair? Well, there you see it, a year and a half before I started cutting it off.

Okay, I think I am going to wrap things up now. I believe there is a bath with my name waiting, and I might even do a face mask. Did plan on dyeing my hair (because, seriously, something should be dyed around here this week), but I think I’ll do that tomorrow night, after filming. You’ll just have to live with my disorganized hair for one more podcast. 😉

Have a fabolous weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you on Youtube Sunday, right? 🙂

My channel can be found HERE.

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