Goodbye 2018! Welcome 2019. <3

2018 was a year that in many ways took a toll on me, and I am not in the least sad to see it go. It was a rough one. But it also had some really good moments, such as when I decided to stop making excuses and to actually pour all of my determination, skills, hopes, dreams and all those things into making my creativities my full time business. I started dyeing yarn for real, started making more patterns, and I even did both a huge craft fair and several Christmas fairs during the autumn. I met loads of fun, interesting people, made a lot of new friends and connections, and it has been a blast in so many ways. Even if I had to cancel a couple of things during the week before Christmas, when I caught a virus that threw me for a couple of weeks.

Now 2018 is mere memories, and 2019 has arrived. I am so looking forward to this year! I hope to be able to travel a bit, I hope to have more patterns published than ever before (there should be at least one per month all year), many new colorways of yarns and a few bits and bobs here and there, useful for us knitters. I am currently also looking into doing a few pop up shops in Sweden, and I am contemplating how I could make my business mobile, as I am also working towards a life as a digital nomad and as a writer (I hope to have a new book out this year, if I can squeeze it in timewise). My dream is to build my own camperbus, equipped for full time living and yarn dyeing and designing if I should want to, and to travel all over Europe, as a mobile dye studio/yarn shop/authors den. I have readers from Sweden to Greece, and it would be so awesome to some day visit everyone’s countries, and perhaps meet and have a spontaneous knit night or a nice meal, or perhaps trying out something completely new creativewise, that I have never done before. I would love that.

I am also aiming to breathe new life into my YouTube channel. I did a couple of Vlogtober segments, just to get back to it, and yesterday I posted a short video of the majority of my 2018 makes. I have a couple of ideas for future posts there, so stay tuned for that as well. 🙂 All in all, I think 2019 will be a blast, both on a personal level as well as professionally, and I would love to bring you all along for the ride. Perhaps I will even get to meet some of you this year? That would be awesome.

So, in short – Welcome 2019! I have longed for you, and can’t wait to see what you bring. 😀

The 2018 large Xmas tree.
I also had a small Xmas tree. Because only one tree wasn’t enough for this Christmas geek. 😀
And some Xmas tree branches, that almost were like a miniature Xmas tree of their own.
Gingerbread cookies happened.
As did the traditional gingerbread house.
My advent calendar window.
Just a quick pic from the last Christmas fair I did, during which I got sick and had to cancel the second day…
One of the local food stores puts up this lapp cot outside a few days before Christmas, serving mulled wine. It just looks so cozy! I would like to own my own one day. perhaps I could have one in addition to the camper bus? 🙂

And if you didn’t catch my video on my 2018 FO’s yesterday, you can find it here:

Happy New Year! 😀

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