A lot is happening within the realm of my yarn adventures at the moment. This upcoming week I will have a small feature in The Knitter, and at the end of the month there is another in the Simply knitting magazine. This meant it was high time to find time for building my own webshop, which has been a task on my To Do-list for far too long already. I did have one for a while, but wasn’t happy with it, so I decided to cancel it and just use Etsy until I had my new shop ready. And when I was approached about the features, it was obviously time, so in addition to doing markets and fairs, dyeing yarn like a mad woman, taking on a new position as a logistics manager, and handling life as a single mom to teenagers and young adults, I have also been doing that. Thank heavens for ready to go solutions! I did some research, found a provider I feel meets all my needs, and I have been tweaking it for the past few days now. Today I spent a couple of hours doing inventory and adding items to the shop, and I should be ready to launch before the feature is out mid-week.

Doing inventory.

I have been squeezing in some knitting time as well lately (days with no knitting are very few and far apart in my life), but as most of it is Christmas knitting, I can’t show it on the blog right now. At the same time, I am dying to cast on my dream knitting projects, but I do also enjoy my Christmas knits quite a lot, so I don’t mind the wait too much.

Have you started your Christmas knitting?

Today I could wind up the Unapologetic yarn that I dyed for myself, and I tried to take a picture of it – and I have to tell you, that yarn is SO difficult to get a good shot of colorwise! It looks awesome in the pictures, but in real life it is even better, and I can’t seem to find a good way of photographing it so that you can truly tell how awesome it is. Gaah! I guess I may have to order some proper studio lights that I can actually trim, instead of relying on daylight for that particular yarn. But, like I said, it still looks great in the pics I have taken, it’s just that they don’t fully do the yarn justice.

The hard to take pics of-yarn.

The time is right now half past midnight, and I am still dyeing yarn. I wanted to get another batch done before I go to bed, so that it will be ready for rinsing in the morning. Time flies, and it is only two more weeks until the next market/fair (and then there is another one the weekend after that), and I have quite a lot of yarn in stock to be dyed. No rest for the weary! 😛

Now, I need to do some planning and scheduling while finishing up todays dye-ventures, so I’m going to get on with that. I’ll see you soon! 🙂

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