F/X and yarns?

A few months back I mentioned F/X here on the blog. I love F/X, and I can rewatch certain movies several times even if it is a really crappy movie, if it has good special effects, or just special effects that inspires me. For a long time as a kid I also wanted to work with F/X, but I unfortunately grew up way up in northern Norway, about a million miles from any possibility of making any steps in that direction, and under circumstances making it pretty much impossible to do much (I was, literally, busy surviving). So my  love and fascination with F/X kind of had to remain at watching movies having F/X in them.

Then, last year, I stumbled across Mykie’s YouTube channel Glam&Gore. I watched several of her videos, always thinking to myself that I would really like to do things like that myself. And suddenly it occured to me that I was thinking about it in the same way I used to as a kid. But I am not a kid anymore, I make my own decisions in life and on what I want to spend my time, money and efforts on, and I no longer live in an area far away from everything. Well, I technically live far away from most things right now as well, but not as much as I did back then. So, what was stopping me from diving head first into that bucket, and just go for it?

As it turns out – nothing. So I bought a few items, and I now have sort of a base kit to get started.

Except I haven’t. And I can’t really tell you why, because I don’t know. Or I didn’t until today. Today, while actually watching one of Mykie’s recent videos, it occured to me that what I really want to do, is to combine my passion for the fiber arts with F/X. It was sort of a whoa-moment, in fact. One that also presented some brand new questions, such as ’how the heck do I combine yarns, wool and F/X??’.

I have no idea.

That’s a lie. I have one idea. There is one project I could start off with, in which I could use both fabrics, fibers and F/X.

It involves dragons.

But first, I think I need to rebuild my living room into a craft room, because my studio is too full of stuff to hold F/X projects as well.

I better get started. In the meantime, feel free to watch Mikey’s video that I watch earlier today. Unless you really cringe when it comes to trypophobia. Then you should not watch this video. 🙂

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