Enough with the festivities!

Good heavens, I am feeling like I have been living off of calory dense foods – and not the good kind – for about a month straight. Which is actually pretty accurate. But, I suppose I only have myself to blame for that, seeing as I apparantly did not think advent, Christmas and New Years within the same month was enough, I had to toss in my youngest sons birthday on January 4th, and my own on January 15th. That is pretty much 6-7 weeks of festivities in one go, right there.

Now, my birthday is not something I usually ”celebrate”, not in any other way than having a nice dinner at home with the kids, and baking something, and otherwise just indulging myself with any kind of creativity I feel inspired to do that day. To me, that is the best kind of birthdays there is. And, honestly, one of the best things about it is NOT having people over to celebrate, or even worse – have to have a birthday party. I know, I know, it is kind of weird, but I just don’t like parties. At all. I have always felt misplaced and just longed to be able to go home, which is kind of tricky if the party is actually IN your home. I have had well-meaning family members insisting that I have a birthday bash, so that they can celebrate me on my birthday, probably thinking I would feel sad if they did not. Instead, to me it meant I had to spend one whole day cleaning my house for a party I didn’t want, and one day baking for the guests so that they could come celebrate my birthday, and then I had to spend my entire birthday preparing for guests, entertaining guests, and then cleaning up after guests for a whole day afterwards. All for a birthday party I could have given my right arm to not have to host. So, being divorced for many years now and not having any family close by other than my kids, I truly enjoy the benefit of NOT having to host any birthday parties, and instead spend the entire day in pajama pants and my favorite knitted sweater, knitting on a fun project, watching movies and having hamburgers and chocolate cake. Love, love, love. So that is what I did yesterday, when we celebrated my birthday a few days early (as everyone isn’t home on my actual birthday). It was an awesome celebration. 😀 …but I am starting to feel like I consist of chocolate cake more than muscles and stuff. 😛

Anyway. When I started writing this blog post, I came to realize that I had somehow forgotten to post about the shop update last Friday. Wut?? Not sure what happened there, but there was in fact a shop update, I promise. A few of my earlier colorways, ’Jeanswear’, ’Dianthus’ and ’Lemony lime’ are now available on Bluefaced Leicester DK-weight as well as on mcn, I have a few upcycled project bags, and I have finally added in some minis! A few sparkly ones, and a couple of single ply merino ones. Stop by the webshop (link at the top of this page) and have a look!

Upcycled project bag.
I’ve got minis in the shop!

Speaking of yarns and ’Lemony lime’ by the way – a friend of mine, Jonas, fell in love with the yarn the second I posted a picture of it the first time. I immediately thought I would design a pair of socks in a basic pattern suitable for anyone and fitting a large range of sizes, and that I would make one pair in his size in that particular yarn in mcn, and surprise him with them. So the other day I started those socks. And posted that I was making a new design on Instagram…which Jonas of course saw, and exclaimed that he needed such a pair of socks, haha. I just couldn’t keep it a secret, so I told him they were for him. I really look forward to getting them finished and delivered to him, and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to do it in person. Perhaps I could visit him and his family…I haven’t met his wife yet (Jonas and I worked together for a while, and he became a very good friend and support to me), and I would love to meet her. I am into recycling and upcycling, and protecting the environment, but I am a mere baby knowledgewise when it comes to Jonas and his wife. She is among other things a special investigator on environmental matters for the Swedish government, so that lady knows her stuff! I would love to have coffee with her and talk more about those things.

The socks for Jonas.

Yesterday was a lot about getting Christmas out of the house, which I am basically done with now. There are still a few bits and bobs I need to remove, but the majority of it has been tucked away in boxes. I also filmed my second podcast, yeay! It took a while to get done, as my camera and I wasn’t quite on the same page, but I am getting back into the groove of podcasting, so to speak. And yes – I do know that podcasting is really only audio, but for some reason the word ’podcasting’ has come to stick even for video in the knitting community, and that’s what it is called (I sometimes also say ’knitcast’ though). Come to think of it – I think many of us knit while we watch podcasts as well, and probably have moments during the whole thing where we need to look at what we are doing, and just listen while we knit, thus making the term ’podcast’ fairly accurate anyway. 😉

The second episode was filmed yesterday and published earlier today, and I am planning on sticking with that schedule for the time being. Partly because Saturdays before lunch is usually the best day for me to film, and partly because there are A LOT of podcasts published on Fridays – at least the majority of the ones I watch are published on Fridays – so I thought that perhaps it could be nice to have a podcast to watch on Sundays as well. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you would like to watch the podcast, here it is (feel free to subscribe to the channel also):

In the last episode I talk about the shop update, the sock project and of course about my latest passion – the Ixchel sweater. It is a project that I keep falling in love with again and again, every time I pick it up. It does require a bit of concentration to get through, and I have to say it is not a perfect pattern (I don’t think they have actually knitted all the sizes…i.e. you have to increase 4 stitches in one row in my size to accomodate for the stitch count in the last pattern, which makes it a bit askew compared to the pattern above, but I’m hoping that it won’t be too obvious, as the pattern is quite busy all over), but I love it all the same. I am also hoping that I will have enough yarn to make it a bit longer than the original. I have always loved longer upper body garments, and I think I will love this one even more if I can lengthen it a bit compared to the original.

It’s growing! Soon I will take a break from knitting the body, to knit the sleeves, so that I can go back to the body and use whatever I have got left of the navy to lengthen it.

Ok, I think that is pretty much it for now (as in ’talking about the Ixchel makes me want to go back to knitting on it!’ 😛 ), so I am going to stop talking and go do that. But before I go, I just have to show you this amazing shawl my friend and neighbour Camilla made in my ’Unapologetic’:

Gorgeous, isn’t it?? I absolutely love it. I wish I could crochet like her… 🙂 PS. Please ignore the web adress in the picture – the Etsy shop has been closed now, since January 1. 🙂
Pattern: ’Lost in time’ by Johanna Lindahl.

I hope you will all have a really good week! See you soon. 🙂

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