Dream knitting

I currently have three projects on my Dream Knitting-list: The Ixchel by Catherine Clark, a sweater of my own design in my ‘Unapologetic’ yarn, and the Zweig by Caitlin Hunter.

The Ixchel seems to be everyone’s favorite right now, and I totally get that. I love it! But I did decide to dye my own yarn for it, as I have some golden dye I wanted to try out, and I already had a navy blue for the base.

The Ixchel sweater.

The sweater in my Unapologetic yarn I haven’t decided on a design for yet, but my intention is to have it ready by February, which will no doubt arrive at the speed of light. I better get started on that design, me thinks… 😛


And lastly, the Zweig. It has been on my list for quite some time already, and while at the Sewing & Crafts Festival a couple of weeks ago, I saw several versions of it. All of them gorgeous, and I really feel the need to make one for myself as well. I haven’t decided on the colors just yet, but I’m considering the ‘Midsommar’ and the ‘Carbon’… What do you think?



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