Catching up is hard to do

Again there has been a bit of silence in the blog. My apologies for that! I have been attempting to catch up on several things since the Festival in Stockholm, with varying degrees of success. It has also been a busy week in my personal life, where I amongst other things have been working on establishing my training routines for 2019. But that is a topic for a completely different type of blog (I think…I guess I could attribute it to the concept of ’lifestyle’, but for now I shall keep that separate).

February is almost over, and I am not in the least sad to see it go, with the exception of my Monthly makes. I did not get around to making much at all, which is explainable (Festival happening, a lot of knitting that needs to take presedence etc). This far, on the second to last day of the month, I have only actually made two things: A sweater and a pair of tights.

First, let’s talk about the sweater.

I have had this grey, huge sweatshirt for a zillion years. It had become so old and worn out and broken, its picture taking days were over like 2 years ago. But I loved that shirt, and it has been my favorite sleepwear since forever. But I really wanted a new sweater just like it. So every now and then for the past couple of years, I have been sort of on the lookout for a pattern that would be similar enough for me to make a new one, but I never quite found what I was looking for. So the question of course arose – should I chop up the old sweater, to use as a pattern for making a new one? In spite of it being my favorite sleepwear? After thinking both long and hard, I decided that yes – I would do just that.

First, I cut up the old sweater, then I used it as a pattern for making a pink one.
While cutting the fabric, I also realized I had accidentally color coordinated my outfit with it. Felt very pro there. 😀

The final garment turned out like this:

The finished cozy sweater.

Now, there are a couple of things to mention about this one. First, the sleeves came out a lot shorter than on the original. I did cut it to measurement of the old ones, but they still came out shorter, so it is more like a long t-shirt sleeve. I don’t mind, and I didn’t really have enough fabric to really make them any longer anyway. But next time I make this, I will probably lengthen the sleeves. Second – do you see that seam at the neckline? That was supposed to be on the backside. Totally my own fault, but I decided I would not pick up the entire serger seam to correct that one thing. Instead, I have decided it is a feature. 😀

On to the second make of February – a pair of workout tights. These are from the McCall’s M7261 pattern, so it is a pattern from one of the big four (five?):

McCall’s M7261

Last year I made a pair of pants, also from McCall’s, at my regular size. I even added a couple of centimetres up top, to account for my rather full behind and thighs. They came out ENORMOUS! I later found out that the patterns from these companies tend to be very much on the large side, and that one should not look at the measurements on the back of the envelope to determine size, but rather measure the pattern pieces. In this case I did not measure the patten pieces, however, but I decided to make them two sizes smaller than the size I usually wear these days, and to add only a few millimetres of seam allowance. And this is how they came out:

Tights. …or not.

In spite of having a very full behind and upper thighs, two sizes down were a good fit for this area. But from somewhere above the knee and down, there is too much fabric. Also, they are about 4″ too long. One can’t help but wonder if the models for these pattern companies are possibly amazons?

There you have my two makes of this month, and if you’d like to hear more about that, and also about how I Marie Kondo’d the Tosti coat, and about how I stripped my sewing machine, feel free to check out the latest sewing podast on Youtube:

So, what else has been going on? Well, aside from that training thing, and spending a bit more time with loved ones, there has of course been knitting.
Last week I cast on the Weekender by Andrea Mowry (Drea Renee Knits), and I have been spending a lot of time with that project lately. As of today, I have split the front and back, after having added somewhere between 3-4″ lengthwise, but tonight I have forced myself to put that project away a little bit, in order to work on other things, such as the diamond socks.

The Weekender yesterday! Am a bit nervous that it will be too big, and that I might have to frog it and start over in a smaller size… Will try it on tomorrow and decide then.
Tonights project: the diamond socks, while doing some digital nomad research. Yes, I am into that as well.

Other than that, there has also been a secret project. Not because I wanted it to be a secret, but because it was a proposition for a magazine, and those are not allowed to have been published in any form anywhere else. Hopefully I will be able to show you that project before long. 🙂

I also received this embroidery a few days ago, which was a test order via Ebay. I am very happy with it, and my boho style game might just be kicked up a notch… Stay tuned to find out what I will make of this!

Embroidery for embellishment on a future boho style project.

That is pretty much it for me tonight. The evening has gone dark, I need to empty the washing machine, and do some more knitting on the diamond socks before I go to bed. I think I will make it an early evening tonight. Tomorrow is filled with meetings, creativity of different kinds, and possibly both a running session and some strength training (that’s what you get when you sign up for challenges that really are outside your current fitness level, haha). So good night, sleep tight, and I’ll see you soon.


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