A delayed weekend

I had plans. I was going to enjoy a day or two of cleaning my house, having a bit of a sew-cation to make some new curtains and sew a coat for my youngest son, and I was going to make a dent in my Christmas knittings, and not do too much work at all aside from a bit of Instagram and such. But most of all I was planning on cleaning my house, as it is currently in a state where one might think that I haven’t done that since WW2. In fact, one might even think that some of the major battles of WW2 were fought in this very house, by the state of it. Oh, and I was going to get started on the Christmas decorating, and also make some gingerbread cookies. Like I said, I had plans.

Things did not turn out the way I planned. I have, quite frankly, been rather exhausted these past couple of days, so I have instead had what I suppose we could call a delayed weekend/sick days. I just had to rest. I have worked very hard lately, last week was an emotional turmoil in the private sphere, and I also made two major, life changing decisions last week. I needed a bit of time to rest and recharge my batteries. So instead of doing all of the above, I have been huddling on the couch, eating vast amounts of chocolate, chips and sushi, having hot cocoa, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy (I stopped watching a few years back, somewhere around season 6, and now realized that there are something like 14(!) seasons…jeeeez!), and doing some Christmas knitting (the only thing actually on my original list). So I did make a dent in the Christmas knitting, but aside from that I have been doing absolutely nothing even remotely connected to work or must-do’s.

Oh, wait…that’s not exactly true, come to think of it. I did sneak in a couple of work things, but nothing major. I got in touch with the people at Soak, and will be selling their products in my webshop in the near future i.e., and I ordered some more dyes and another bunch of pompoms, that I hope will arrive before Christmas (I have to order the pompoms from China, I haven’t been able to find a European supplier carrying the kind of faux fur pompoms I want. If you know of any, please let me know).

Other than that, I have been on a pattern-buying-binge. I got two knitted hat pattern off of Ravelry, and three sewing patterns from Sewoverit  (a skirt, a top and a pair of classic pajama pants). Not sure when I will find the time to make all these patterns, but on the other hand, the patterns I buy are generally the kind of items that I have always loved, and will wear regardless of current fashions and such, so I guess they could be seen as the base of my memade wardrobe of items I will wear – and make – again and again. Oh, and I also ordered a cutting mat! Been wanting one of those for a long time now, and can’t wait for it to arrive.

Anyway, I have had a relaxing couple of days now, more or less, and I don’t feel too bad about not working either. Every now and then you do need to recharge the batteries, right? 🙂 And also, I do have another Christmas fair this upcoming weekend (and one after that), so there won’t be any rest then either. And speaking of Christmas fairs, I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of what the booth looked like, when finished:

Just finished building it, and am ready for customers.
Not too bad, ey?
The stringed lights made it very cozy when it started getting dark.

It was an okay weekend, but they had placed all of us newbies at this fair on the least attractive spots, which was like in the slope down from the entrance of the grounds. Even though it appeared a natural place to have booths, it was not a natural spot for people to stop, which all of us placed there suffered a bit from. But it was still a good weekend. And a gorgeous one, weatherwise! It was like 4-5 degrees minus (Celsius) and the sun was shining, and everything was covered in sparkling white frost. It just lacked a bit of snow for it to be absolutely perfect. The roads were slippery though, so I was very happy that I had switched to winter tyres on my car.

In my car, on my way to the fair. It were frosty and sunny mornings last weekend!

It is getting late now, and I can hear my bed calling me from upstairs, so I shall have to continue my ramblings another day. Take care, and I’ll see you soon!

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