A box of joy

Hello friends!

It is Wednesday and time for a new blog post! 😀

This week I have been slightly AFK (”Away From Keyboard” for those of you not familiar with that abbreviation), and I have not had any posts on Instagram the past couple of days i.e. There is of course a reason for this. Several, actually. One being that I have young people in my family that needs some extra attention these days, and the other that I have been writing quite a lot. Mostly about my personal experiences on depression and anxiety in young adults. It is a very personal account, one might even say. It may some day be a book, hopefully one that can help other people living next to someone with these added struggles in life. I am not sure though, as it is a very personal story, to say the least. But at the same time I do believe it is important that someone speaks up about what it is really like to live with this, and not having the choice to just pack up and leave when the struggle is too much. Which, let’s face it, it is.

So, as for creative outbursts this week, writing has been one, and even though it is on a topic that is very difficult to put in words, I still am happy that I am finally writing again. I have set a schedule for myself with time slots for writing, but I have found it very difficult to actually write anyway. Not like a writers block, it is more a matter of having difficulties finding the right head space. Hopefully I am now in the process of overcoming that issue on a long term basis (fingers crossed!).

Writing and my all-hands-on-deck-teens is not the only thing I have been spending my time on this week. There has also been some sewing, and I have for sure had extensive practice on making pockets this week. The panda winter coat has no less than 6 pockets, and only two of them are the same kind of pocket. This far I have gotten 4 of them done, and just have to make the one on the sleeve and the inside pocket, then all pockets are done.

Practice hasn’t made perfect yet, but I am getting better at this. 🙂

There has also been some knitting, mainly on the Ixchel, that is now coming really close to being finished. I probably won’t make it tonight, but I should get so far as to having started the ribbing on the last sleeve, so that I can finish it tomorrow and weave in ends and get it blocked. I am hoping to have it ready to wear for filming my next podcast this weekend. 😀

Working on the second sleeve of the Ixchel.

I also received a box of joy this week, as a whole box of color samples arrived from Lane Mondial. They have asked me to design something of my own choice for them, and this is the yarn I have decided to work with for the project I have in mind. I just need to decide which colors to work with and ask that they send me the quantities needed, and I can get going on it. I am really looking forward to this project, and I would really love to have it ready for release by Easter. It is crazy short time to do it, but I think it would be an awesome time for release. Either way, I just know I will love the project, both working with it and wearing it once it is done.

Biolana by Lane Mondial, 100 % organic wool. Love it!

Well, that’s all for now. I really want to get some more rows in on the Ixchel before going to bed… 😉

Good night, sleep tight, dream of wool and all the fun stuff! 🙂


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