A bit out of sorts

I don’t know what it is and why it happens, but I have an idea. It really doesn’t matter though, I just have to accept that this is the way it is these days. I am talking about this overwhelming feeling of being exhausted in the first few days after a trunk show/fair/market. I am just completely wiped afterwards, and need a couple of days to rest and recover. Which is where I am at right now, feeling a bit out of sorts.

Last weekend I did another Christmas fair, this time the Hågaby Christmas fair in Uppsala. I had been told it was a really big Christmas fair, with thousands of visitors and so on – but it was not. It is actually the smallest Christmas fair I have attended this far. I am not sure why they claimed to be the opposite…very strange. And it wasn’t as if I had misunderstood something – the two vendors closest to me, also doing their first time at this particular fair, had gotten the same information.

At Hågaby Christmas Fair.

Granted, the fair does seem to be longest running one in the area, and I heard someone saying that they had been doing it for 21 years now. Perhaps that what they meant by it being the largest? Did they in fact mean that they have been doing this for a long time, and that they are doing it two weekends in a row? Who knows. Either way, I do have to add that the weather last weekend was awful, it just rained and drizzled all the time, and everything was wet and grey and…well, wet. They would probably had way more visitors if the weather hadn’t been such a drag. But all those things aside – I still had a very nice time! No, really, I did. The vendors next to me were such nice people, and we helped each ut, and we talked a lot and shared quite a few laughs. One of the vendors was actually one of the ladies working at my favorite yarn shop in Uppsala, Yll&Tyll (a must visit, if you are ever in the area), and the other one sold these amazing cheeses (which of course means that I was able to score some amazing cheese for Christmas – yeay!).

Night time view.

Anyway. This week I am taking it easy and trying to rest as much as possible, so that I will have a good amount of energy for the weekend, when I will be doing a Christmas fair at Sala Silver mines, not far from where I live. And after that, on the Friday and Saturday just before Christmas, I will be at the center of town in Uppsala with my yarns, and that will also be the final one for me this year. After that there will be Christmas and some much needed recharging time with my kids.

Oh, and another thing I am really looking forward to, is to be able to show you what I am making again! I am currently on the very last of the Christmas knits, and I am dying to cast on things I can actually show you as they progress. I.e. the hat by Jodi Brown of the Grocery Girls, that I recently cast on, but had to put aside again, in order to focus on Christmas knits. And the shawl design I really, really want to do, in the ’Still got the blues’, the ’Ice Palace’, and one more TBD color. And the three sweaters in my dream knits! Oh, I can’t wait! I wonder which one will be my Christmas eve cast on…

’Ice Palace’ on the left, and ’Still got the blues’ on the right.

Ah well. Right now I am going to dye some more yarn (finally got the colors I ordered – don’t know why, but I haven’t received any mail since Wednesday last week, but today they finally showed up), continue on that last Christmas knit, and perhaps watch that new ’Murder on the Orient Express’ from last year. I haven’t seen that one yet, and today feels like a good day to watch it.

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