A bad hair season

I’m having a bad hair season. For real. Last year my hair reached down to my butt, and during the fall of last year I cut off half of it. Then, in April or so, I cut my hair short. And then, in June, I went all in and basically had half my head shaved.

My hair was so long I couldn’t fit it in a selfie.
Not even in a pony tail…
Then I cut a big chunk of it off myself.
Then I let the hairdresser do some more cutting…
…and then we brought out the shaving equipment.

So, I went from really long to really short in less than a year, which was an interesting experience. But now I am letting it grow again. Not because I wasn’t happy with the short hair, but because I just can’t be bothered going to the hairdresser every month, and also don’t enjoy spending all that money on it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is too expensive, what I’m saying is that it is a cost I prefer to do without in my personal budget. So it gets to grow however it wants right now, and all I’m doing is tossing in a bit of dye every now and then. It also means that what’s currently happening on my head can not be called a hairstyle in any way, shape or form. It’s just hair, growing like weeds, and honestly probably looking like weeds as well. Good thing it is winter! Hats to the rescue, and an excuse to make more hats than ever before, right? 😀

I have been working on an update for my Chunky hat & cowl-pattern, and made a bigger, more slouchy hat with a faux fur pompom. I’ve been wearing those a lot lately, and not only are they really warm and cozy, they also stay on my head, which is an issue I’m having more often than not. I’ve actually spent years thinking that my head must be shaped weirdly, as I just couldn’t get hats or hairbands to stay put. But this hat does.

My favorite hat right now, the Chunky merino hat (the updated pattern will be released soon).

I also bought patterns for a couple of not so chunky hats, and can’t wait to cast them on:

Patterns by Jodi Brown and Shannon Cook (I hope I spelled her last name correctly).

All things considered, living in a climate that has months of winter and being a knitter, designer and yarn dyer, I think this growing out my hair and looking like a weirdo while I do it is going to be a breeze. 😀


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