7 years!

Happy 7th birthday, business!

Yes, that is right, my company turns 7 years old today! 😀 I am embarrased to say though, that I almost forgot about it, until I saw a totally unrelated post on Facebook about someone elses business turning 5 today. That got me thinking. March 1st? Hmm…wait a minute…and then it dawned on me – MY business also has a birthday today!

I feel like I should do some kind of recap, even though I don’t have that much pictures to provide for you. But I do have a picture of the first design I published (not the first one I ever made though, just the first one I commercialized): The Stockholm mittens.

The Stockholm mittens

The Stockholm mittens were launched early 2013, almost a year after first registering the business. Before that, and after as well, I did other types of work. I did a lot of translations of websites (including several bank sites etc), corporate educational material, and even literature, which I still do on occasion. Today however, translations for online use is quite different from what it was back then, as you have to take SEO into account nowadays, i.e.

I also wrote a book during these early days of my business, together with Birgitta Agazzi (then Lindgren), about the Scandinavian languages. The book was called ’Snacka skandinaviska’, and it became a way bigger success than any of us expected, and we later had to make a teachers guide for it as well. It was used as educational material, and possibly still is, at both Stockholm University and Gothenburg University, amongst others. The making of that book was a very interesting and fun experience, and Birgitta and I came to be good friends.

Since then a lot has happened. I have created and released quite a few patterns, made even more translations, started working on a few book projects, worked in physical security and become a physical security specialist, and many other things.

During the years of physical security-work, I almost closed down my own business completely. But since a few months back, I have been doing it full time again. There are many more patterns on the way, books are happening, there is a YouTube channel and a whole lot of other fun things, such as a possible lifestyle change into a more digital nomad one. I can’t wait to see what the next 7 years will bring. 😀

Tonights celebration consists of pizza, watching ’Alien’ for the umpteenth time, and some sockknitting. My favorite kind of celebration. 🙂

The second ’Shine on, you crazy diamond’-pair.

Happy 7th anniversary, business! 😀

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